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Rosario Tijeras

This is Rosario’s story who was born and raised in the city slums and became a legend in her own time. Regardless of her upbringing Rosario’s beauty captivated the heart of two upper class men: Antonio and Emilio. Our story starts with Antonio rushing to the Hospital an agonizing Rosario who had been shot four times by a hit man. Antonio who by this time is madly in love with Rosario, sits with despair in the hospital’s waiting room as our story brings us to the beginnings that give rise to the present. Rosario stands out within her cruel habitat by her beauty and passion and sadly her surroundings at a very young age turn her into a hired killer. Constantly battered, harassed, assaulted by those around her, Rosario becomes an aggressor herself. In contrast Antonio, a young architect who also stand out for his looks, grows in a complete and opposite environment. Naive and idealistic by nature, Antonio is smitten after Rosario in a high school dare; she passionately kisses him in front of the whole school. Rosario is severely punished for her prank, situation which she personally handles by menacing the school authority with her signature weapon, a pair of scissors. Not being able to erase Rosario from his lips and heart Antonio ask his best friend Emilio to avidly search for this mysterious woman throughout the whole town. Antonio and Rosario’s paths will cross in various occasions and with each encounter he will fall deeper in love with this wild and daring girl. After being expelled from school, Rosario and her friend Dayra join a drug mob led by the Pope, a man who is obsessed with young maidens. The Pope ends up murdering Dayra in a brutal way. In an act of self defense, Rosario avenges her friend’s death and kills the fierce drug-dealer. This is the second time Rosario will show the murderess in her. The first time was when armed with a pair of scissors Rosario murders a young boy who had raped her. These two events give Rosario her signature name and from now on everyone will know her as Rosario Scissors. Antonio efforts are fruitless and he completely looses track of the woman he is obsessed by. It is not until four years later that Rosario Scissors now a popular and desirable character once again once again appears into Antonio and Emilio’s life. One evening at a local night club surrounded by her gang friends Emilio from a distance falls for Rosario irresistible beauty. Rosario who’s at that place to carry out her latest hit job which she performs flawlessly and quietly within the men’s room. Rosario efficiently carries out the murder of a drug dealer accused of betraying his partners. By chance this encounter will start a passionate love affair between Rosario and Emilio. Overwhelmed by confusion Antonio will witness in silence finding out that this is the same woman he has been quietly obsessed with for the past years. Rosario and Emilio’s torrid and passionate love affair is suddenly ended when she is seriously wounded by Ferney, another local hit man. Ferney who was hired by her enemies to eliminate her accepts this job regardless of the fact that he is also Rosario’s official man. Antonio witnesses the murder attempt and sets out in a frantic race to save the life of the woman he has loved the most and whom he has never been able to have. Her brother JohnEfe in a risky and courageous operation steals her from the hospital ICU unit to prevent her to face the consequences of her actions. At the same time innocent Antonio is arrested and accused of attempted murder and of Rosario’s disappearance. Ironically Antonio believes that Rosario is dead. It is not until by another twist of fate that Rosario reappears into Antonio’s life. Rosario has orchestrated a plan to get Antonio out of jail without realizing he is opposing to her plan. Being the weak character that he is, he ends up accepting and thus becoming a fugitive. Antonio escape not only will cost him totally sacrificing his life and social status at the same time this new status will allow him to fall into a world that will let him to truly express his feelings and love for Rosario.