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Sofia, a shy librarian, had lived a plain and boring life until one day, for no apparent reason, she began to live in her own flesh and blood both the fear and the passionate love which she had only known through the heroines in the mystery novels she devoured every day in her lonely nights. On that particular day, Sofia leaves the library on her way out from work, and her life is broken into two parts. She is forced to get into a truck, hand cuffed and cowled; the first thing which comes to her mind is that she is going to be raped.
Hours later, when she is finally freed of her ties, she finds herself in an abandoned farm with two young illiterate fellows by the names of Weimar and Richard. These fellows have brought her here to make her read a novel to them since they can not read one single word. Together with her, there is another hostage, Gabriel, a reporter whom, without knowing, is to become her guardian angel in her passage through the hell of her captivity. The novel is a manuscript of approximately five hundred pages.
Weimar and Richard are interested in the content of the novel since they believe that inside the story are the clues to find a briefcase which contains two million dollars in cash. This money is said to have belonged to a famous drug trafficker. In the midst of being pressured, yelled at and sexually harassed by her captors, and gazed by the expressive and meaningful stare of Gabriel, Sofia begins to read. The novel is the story of “Puppy”, a taxi driver, and Karen, a stripper of an elegant bar in the city. One night while both of them are riding in the cab, they pick up two strangers, and seconds later they are chased by bullets being shot from a truck. Puppy is hurt in an arm and he crashes into a tree. Both passengers rush off the cab leaving behind in the cab a briefcase which they had carried. The briefcase is marked with the letter M in gold, and inside there are two million dollars in cash.
This accident marks a series of adventures in their life, persecutions, accidents, lost and founds where they learn that love is most important, the love which in the midst of all arises between Karen and Puppy. As time goes by, Gabriel and Sofia become affectively close in their captivity.
Sofia is becoming more and more interested in the novel, and she comes to the part in it where Puppy, desperate by having lost Karen and with her the possibility of finding the briefcase, looks for help in his old friend. His old friend, a reporter who works in a newspaper just happens to be Gabriel, the man who now stares at her amazed, and the man she has fallen in love with.