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Quest for happiness

Juan is an accountant who for the last 10 years has worked at Etichetta Due, thanks to Daniela who was his girlfriend at the time and worked as a secretary for Osvaldo, the owner of the company. Because of his weak character and for being naive, Juan has always been the office´s laughingstock. His only friend there was Eduardo until the day Juan found him having sex with Daniela (the mother of his two children). Because of this unfortunate incident, Juan moves out to a small apartment and there decided it was best not to throw away his job as not to lose his seniority due to the fact of his expenses and lack of savings, between the rent of the new apartment and financially supporting his kids and parents, he didn’t have a lot of options. So he convinced himself of going to the office every day like he always had, accepting the fact of having to see his ex-wife and former friend together, and also his disrespectful coworkers. One afternoon when Juan had just realized that he was feeling miserable, he left work to roam the city streets and while he was snooping around a bookstore found a book that caught his attention. It was the last copy of “MANUAL TO BE HAPPY, 50 infallible recipes to achieve happiness”. Inside it there were hundreds of recipes, practical rules, exercises, advice, premises, and guidelines. Juan couldn’t take the intrigue that maybe magically the reading of the book could change his reality and so he bought it. Week after week, Juan will read and put into practice each one of the chapters of the book and watching the chaotic consequences it has in his life, but that will also lead him to a self-valuation path and to find true love, because in his office there is a woman that even though she does not work there, she has a more important place than even the Company owner himself: Luisa Sanz, a young woman that owns one of the most important clothing companies in the country. Osvaldo (the boss) is smitten with Luisa, and deeply in love with her bank account and he wants to make her his wife. Obviously, Luisa doesn’t even notice Juan´s existence. She has never looked at him and she doesn’t even know what position he has in the Company. But little by little, through his successive changes and the situations derived from his clumsiness that often jeopardize the permanence of Luisa as client of the Company, all those details will make her start to notice him and start to have an interest in him. She will find that he has common sense; he is easy going, he is an honest man and true love for her. Juan will find in Luisa a mirror that shows him a better self-image that gives him self-confidence and who encourages to be a better person and thanks to the love they feel for each other, he will start to be closer to happiness.