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There are three women in every man’s life: the one he loves and will never have; the one who wants to be with him, whom he will never want… and the one he’s stuck with. These three women make up the entangled life our alpha male. After a tumultuous travesty across the United States of America, Miami to be exact, and after having lived the “American dream” in for himself, punker GERMAN returns to the neighborhood to, in his words, reclaim his turf (THE HOOD), his female (THAT JASBLEIDY GIRL) and his offspring (THAT JONATHAN KID). Upon arriving to the neighborhood, he finds that Mrs. Graciela has started a Gym and sees the place as the perfect hunting ground. However, not all will go well for our alpha male.
However, things are not easy for our ALPHA MALE because as soon as he gets there he finds two pebbles in his shoe: on the one hand, his turf has been invaded by CALIXTO, some long-haired football coach that hits on all the females… and on the other, JASBLEIDY, the love of his life, is happily married to 8 BALL, his longtime rival… His only comfort is JONATHAN (a.k.a. THE TIGER), his cub, who feels like the happiest kid in the world when he’s with his dad… Another point chalked up to our ALPHA MALE is his unconditional friend FRITO, who, as always, is with him “no matter what”, through thick and thin, along with his two punk pals RISITAS and BULTOESAL. To this universe of characters we add Mrs. Graciela, whom after being married to a rich foreigner, now has a fancy neighborhood gym and a much better shop than she had before… and PATTY, a woman from Santander that’ll talk your ear off and who is keeping her eye on GERMAN, with whom she is in love. And so, on one side we have JASBLEIDY, the ex that will never again want anything to do with German but who will always be a pebble in his shoe and will make him fail at most of his mating attempts; on the other, PATTY, the “intense” one, who will want to be with him always, but he will never want to be with her… and finally, GRACIELA, the one he is stuck with. After each failed attempt at scoring, German ends up next to Mrs. Graciela, the woman he is stuck with. This colorful and popular universe of characters and portrayal of neighborhood life will play out in “GERMAN IS THE MAN”, a fun-filled comedy where we will see they daily lives of the ordinary Colombian: the harsh scrounging for work, the solidarity, the hope, loves and rivalries, the “pulling-your-leg”, playing hooky from work and all of the flaws and virtues that are “all too Colombian”.