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After leaving a husband that battered her and sending her four children to live with Rosa, her mother, Yamile Caicedo finds her new love with Samuel Medina, a police officer with whom she has her fifth daughter, Maureen Belky. Yamile discovers her girl has great musical talent and decides to work hard on her and boost her singing skills. After getting back together with her children, she focuses in Maureen’s career. Several people help her in her quest. Peter Pinilla, a mariachi director leads the girl into popular music. Later, in Santa Marta, Leonidas Prieto in a street show and finally Bruno del Romero in Cali, an artistic agent takes the girl to a television contest called ‘Pacific Stars’ and rockets Maureen to local stardom. Back in Bogotá, however, Yamile takes her girl to a variety show that gives Maureen enormous popularity throughout the country.
During her teen period, Maureen meets a musician from Bogotá who enthralled by her voice and talent invites her to take part in a tecno-carrilera project he had been working on for a while. This event marks the beginning of Marbelle and the presentation of her most popular song: ‘Collar de Perlas’. Maureen’s success spreads quickly throughout the country; tours, acknowledgement, money and some problems with her mother come along with her life. Yamile tries by all means to have control on her daughter; she does not allow her to lead a normal life or to have any kind of contact with men. These restrictions, however, spark off the flame of revelry in Maureen as well as a strong and determined temper. She gets involved with a folk singer at her mother’s back and loses her virginity with him but the long distance between them does not let their relationship consolidate. Some time later, in San Vicente del Caguán, in the middle of negotiation talks held between a guerrilla group and President Pastrana’s administration she meets Royne Chávez, security chief at Nariño Palace. Chávez tries to conquer her. He showers her with attention but when she is told he is married, she walks out on him.

Some time later, however, Royne gets divorced and they get back together. Since Yamile does not approve her daughter’s relationship, Maureen decides to leave home and move to an apartment Royne has rented for her. At the beginning, his love is luxurious and sweeter than honey. But the moment they move in together, Royne becomes a violent man, a heavy drinker that continuously batters Maureen. He even stops her musical career while Pastrana’s administration. Despite their complicated situation, they marry and have a baby girl, Rafaela.
From then, on, Maureen’s life becomes a string of unfortunate events. Her mother dies during a liposuction surgery and her husband is charged with illegal enrichment and then sent to jail. After his arrest, he becomes an insecure and terribly jealous man that never stops ill-treating her. Undermined by her present situation, Maureen decides to put an end to their relationship and is left all alone with her daughter and a car. Totally free to make her own decisions, she decides to do what she likes most, despite her ex-husband constant attacks. During this new stage, she meets Sergio, a musician of popular music that plays at a bar in Bogotá who supports her fully despite her economic misfortune. But very soon, her situation comes to a turning point. She is invited to participate as member of the jury in the Colombian version of ‘American Idol’ where she realizes her audience still follows her. Popularity, new tours and money crown her efforts. Maureen begins to walk a new stage in her life full of illusions and opportunities: performances, musical production and a new chance in love next to Sergio and her daughter Rafaela.