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In his years as a world champion boxer Antonio Cervantes, better known as "Kid Pambele", was an influent character that had dinner with celebrities, took pictures next to Colombia's president and assisted to all the social events of the year invited by show business celebrities. He was ingrained into Colombian and Venezuelan people´s memory, not only because of his powerful punch but also for his relationship with all the jet-set members. All this occurred during his victory years. The opposite side of the story is dark. Pambele has been as famous far from boxing as when he was near to it, wearing his gloves. And all of this caused by his loud public scandals, his excessive drug abuse and his frequent violent episodes. Such behavior has turned him into some sort of "Cursed Poet" of the ring. This life that which goes from heaven to hell, from glory to defeat, will be recreated throughout the TV series with eighty one hour episodes each that will narrate Antonio Cervantes's, the "Kid Pambele" tragic and glorious life. We will see the innocence and joy that characterized his first years as a street boxer working at Cartagena's plazas polishing shoes where he met the love of his life, Carlina Orozco. His discipline was outstanding, he tried to defeat all obstacles and opponents with it during his first years in Venezuela. In Caracas, just like it happened in Colombia the public got infuriated as he got on the ring to fight. But then, Tabaquito Planz and his manager Ezequiel Mercado, turned Antonio into the “Kid Pambele", a crushing machine that launched his dictatorship for eight straight years in the Walter Junior division.In Caracas Pambele also met Aurora, a woman with great aspirations and that with time would turn into the third angle of the triangle that his love life was. And that's how Pambele's life turned into a double play where he took Aurora to the altar next to Colombia's high social class and instead he carried Carlina in his heart until his last moment of lucidity. While Pambele defended his title as World Champion, his life started to combine itself with drugs and alcohol, progressively he started to leave all his fortune, his goals and his discipline as a boxer. During these years of abuse Pambele became a victim of an affective bipolar disorder and turns into some sort of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: when he was sober, he was a gentleman, but when he was drunk or under the influence of drugs, he became a violent and dangerous man. Our story ends en 2000 when Pambele was induced to the honor Boxing World Hall of Fame of New York. Honor he shared with big stars like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.  At the same time the Colombian news paper "El Tiempo" names him the most important sportsman of the XX century. This is the story of a man that besides fighting his rivals and his surroundings, ends up fighting himself. In fewer words this is the story of: Antonio Cervantes Vs. the "Kid Pambele".