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Sometimes in life a moment of no return arrives, a moment when nothing really matters: an instant that marks life for ever, a beginning with an uncertain ending. Destiny could change, but the price that has to be paid is a very high one. Fleeing is not an option, to guess the consequences is impossible, to seek the causes is an illusion. A decision, even the most harmless one, shifts the outcomes of destiny for ever.
NO WAY BACK is a production structured in one hour episodes – that is to say stories that begin and end in the same day – with actors, directors, screenwriters and producers all united in this new bet in order to offer the audience something different. Emotions, uncertainties, actions to the limit, all to reflect and show a fact: a moment with NO WAY BACK has marked the life of our leading characters drastically. The placidness and the tranquility of the past are only use-to-bees.
All the affected will come to take unsuspected actions, flanking the limit of the unforgiving. We live in the times of globalization and television is no exception. Currently program contents tend to combine a cosmopolitan tone with the necessary ingredient of local identity. This is the bet of NO WAY BACK: a simple but forceful production. Few actors, real and essential locations, a direction of impeccable photography, a different narrative, are all descriptive of NO WAY BACK. A production of the highest standards with international appeal, all given by the carefully carried out development of the initial recording as well as the continuous movement of the camera of highly definition (HD), that emphasizes the typical rhythm of the suspense.
The series plot is sometimes based in facts told in chronicle style. In other cases, the screenwriters have been inspired by the headlines of a newspaper, or on stories they have witnessed, or simply on fragments of life. In each episode the characters will go down a road through which they will not measure the consequences of their acts, where they will ignore the possibility of repentance, and through it their lives will never be the same as before.
Each story will have a group of people facing a dead end, negotiating unexpected reverses by which the audience will not guess the ending but until the end. In NO WAY BACK there will be avenging lovers and unwary murderers; evil play of adolescents that flow into tragedy; candid neighboring transformed into harassers; incursions in the lowest worlds of the snuff and of political corruption; or the absurd complicity that is born among rivals when they must together get rid of a corpse, or they must punish an unfair betrayal. The camera will come to show in each scene, as is done in good film making, intense and concentrated actions, acts that define the genre of suspense. NO WAY BACK will reveal the contradictory side of humans which are commonly avoided on open television: brimming characters living the highest levels emotions to the limits of leaving them breathless. Nevertheless, not all stories will be an exit less dark drama. In some cases, the threads of suspense will interweave dark humor, police chronicles, or domestic dramas.
For the authors, directors and producers, NO WAY BACK will be the opportunity to offer a product of quality with all the characteristics to satisfy the taste of developing audiences, understanding that there are spectators that seek and value a different form from doing fiction.