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What is the true difference between a murderer and a murderess?
For starters, a woman does not like to stab only once, she does so until she runs out of strength; neither does she fire only once; she definitely empties the whole magazine. On top of this, due to her confinement to the kitchen for centuries, her favorite ingredient is of course poison. Murderesses is a series of individual episodes based on an original book by the Argentinean journalist Marisa Grinstein. Each episode tells the real stories of women who have committed murder for some reason and have already been sentenced either by court or fate.
The women who appear in this series have something in common; they all expected a better life; some were crazy while others acted rationally. Regardless of their situation things got out of hand for them all, and they either ended up in an asylum or in jail. The format of Murderesses though made for television is a format much closer to film than it is to television.
With a top of the line cast this series is all produced in High Definition and shot on location. The audience is thus offered a perfect image and a realistic and touching performance. What is it then, which makes a common woman dare to take someone’s life? The answer is quite simple; life itself.