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Fernando Bonilla, an engineer dedicated and with a nice family weekend live more intense of his life on behalf of Stephanie Braun ... a woman too beautiful and smart to be true. What began as a chance encounter, a Saturday either the aisles of a supermarket, meeting ends in a wild passion that consumes them both until dawn the next day. Fernando is not a man of infidelities and secrets, but this only sin seems to be over for breakfast conversation between the two, which makes it clear that what happened is just an escape from life and that everything has returned to normal. Fernando returns to his family life, without imagining that from that moment every minute Stephanie devoted to follow him, harassing him with calls and increasingly suffocating appearances. Desperate to harassment and interference of women, Fernando hotly debated one night with her intensity to such an extent that misses the point. The next day, his awakening is terrifying: it is lying in a pool of blood and Stephanie is dead on lado.Deshacersedel body and blood takes all morning. At the end of the day, Fernando consciousness is as dirty as his hands, but found some comfort with the idea of ​​saving your home. However, the nightmare far from over, in the morning of that day, Matilda, daughter of 6 years, brings his dad, playing postman, a correspondence that has just entered the door below. Fernando opens the envelope and inside is a note that says "I do not like what you did to my body. Today at six p.m. inthe place indicated on the map. You dare not miss. " That afternoon Fernando Bibiana lies to his wife for the first time in his life, to escape from his house and go to the meeting point indicated on the chart. At six in the evening it has come to a dark room where suddenly a projector is turned on and as a guillotine blades told in a video sequence murder committed by Fernando the night before appears on the screen. Terrified eyes anchored to the projection, Fernando looks out to the woman, Stephanie; she challenges him from a distance with his presence and when fear and appears to have covered every corner of the place she says, "this is the first time you see raise the dead?". From that moment the life of Fernando and Stephanie are united by fear. A fear that he must win, or exchange it for a worse one in each test puts the woman to meet revenge that takes planning since years ago following a childhood trauma which Fernando unknowingly is the protagonist.