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Love, lies and video, is the story of Manolo, a fifteen year old teenager who lives with his mother Angela in the neighborhood The Almendros, Angela has responded alone as head of the family since her husband Felipe went to Spain in search for a better future for Manolo and his brother Tomas.
With the desire of wanting to provide his children with better opportunities than he had, Felipe sends his family a video camera as a present. This video camara will change their life, especially Manolo’s who uses it as well as the blog he creates to upload the videos as a personal cover from his real self. On his blog he daily uploads videos which hold the stories of what is happening in his life, with his music group, with the adults and in general with all those around his neighborhood. Thanks to this, Manolo discovers within him a way to express himself and to tell his stories; all which will give rise to a “future director” a story teller who will record the stories surrounding his world: the development of an artist.
Manolo is joined by his best friend Kike and Betsy will become a part of this couple, completing a group of young artists ready to explore the world through images. Betsy will provide stories that she has written in her diary; stories she will share with them through their blog - but Betsy enters to this trio virtually, under the code name Kelly.
Love, lies and video is also love, insanity and passion that will be reflected through Angela and Gabriel’s love; a couple who will always doubt about expressing their feelings. We will also have stories that will be told thought Tomas’s music band through their songs; or by Vanessa’s adventures in her quest for being a model and earning a quick buck; or maybe through Erika’s numerous lover’s while she seeks to wipe Tomas from her heart. We will also see that money conquers all and that a friendship can be ruined when we see Fernando admit to Gabriel that he has betrayed him, not only in business but personally by taking his wife Silvia.
The web of Love, lies and video will be woven and many stories developed, stories where feelings will be confronted, where the positive energy of youths will give a strong jolt to our drama filled with actual situations that happen in most families and that will definitely give a lot to talk about.