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“Loving made her free”

During those years in which, through blood and fire, America reaches its independence from Spain, an epic love story is developed between Policarpa Salavarrieta and Alejo Sabaraín, two youngsters whose fate insists on putting on opposite sides.

She is a beautiful and proud mestiza. He is an educated young man that belongs to the high society. They love each other passionately…but their love cannot be: Alejo is Spanish and La Pola is a patriot. Only when the New Granada is completely free from Spain they might be able to fulfill the dream of being together…

This is how July 20, of 1810 finds La Pola, as one of the most enthusiastic defenders of the revolution while Alejo is active as a loyal subject of His Majesty. Then, during the first Republic, La Pola becomes a part of Antonio Nariño’s central army, while Alejo joins Camilo Torres’ federal army. Two armies that come from the same homeland but due to those absurdities of war, decided to terminate each other through lead and bayonet.

Yes. La Pola and Alejo are always on opposite sides, but this isn’t a reason for them to stop loving each other for a single second. Not even in the moment when the King of Spain, after being held prisoner during many years by Napoleon’s command, returned to his throne and sent a powerful army to America to reclaim his lands. It is then when the challenge really becomes life or death: Alejo is now part of the army in charge of the reconquest while La Pola becomes the leader of the patriotic revolution against the Crown.

This is the story of La Pola’s life, a tale set in the times of love and hate, which recounts the incredible situations that shaped the heroes and heroines that changed the course of history and allowed them to attain liberty.