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Five years later, life isn’t the same for most of the fun characters of the “Tiburon” neighborhood and the Cabrales family. Little is left of the times when all thanks to the marriage of Niña and Chepe Fortuna, the rich and the poor lived together within the luxurious neighborhood of “The Manglar”. Now, Chepe lives as an ambassador in India with his family; the Cabrales have settled in Miami, and the “Tiburon” neighbors have spent all their money and properties they had gotten to live like the rich, and now led by The “Celosa” (The Jealous), are back to being poor.
The Jealous isn’t jealous anymore; ironically, now she actually daily prays that a woman will get Bellaco off her back. To make a better live within their poverty, The Jealous and her daughter Cindy prepare beauty contestants for the local, popular pageants. The Jealous will get competition; the acclaimed gay designer Lucas de la Rosa, together with his wife, Queen Carolina, his mother in law Rosalia and his two small children Victoria and Doroteo, return to Colombia to open with fireworks Victoria House of Queen International, a national and international house for queens.
While The Jealous struggles multitasking; sewing dresses, making up choreographies, and training her pupils at her “queen ranch”; Lucas, Queen Carolina, and Rosalia, thanks to the enormous capital they have invested in their business, together with Bill Remington, a seductive American partner, spare no expense in the impressive office and hiring an expert staff. In other words, once again, in their way and within their status; all end up doing business within the same business.
In turn the controversial Venezuela imprisoned but completely "repented" of every evil caused to the Cabrales in the past, once again meets with Rosalía and Lucas. They are juries in the prison’s beauty pageant, where Venezuela participating as a candidate is elected the new sovereign of the jail. Venezuela publicly gains Rosalía’s forgiveness both in her name and that of her family. She also dreams that with the Cabrale’s good heart and her godson and lawyer Chencho Jurado’s tricks, she will one day be able to be a part of the house of queens that the Cabrales have created, in order to pay her sentence as an English teacher and carry out her vengeance plan against the Cabrales and her old enemy The Jealous. Pretty soon Venezuela’s dreams come true, just when the Cabrales’ nightmare begins, because they discover they were scammed by their partner Bill, who has left them ruined, full of debts, and in legal problems.
It is here when again rich and poor get together to help each other, and without having more remedy Lucas, Rosalía and Queen Carolina impeded to leave the country until they pay their debts join force with The Jealous one and their team, to create the new house of popular queens of the Caribbean.
Thus, while they prepare queens for the reign of the panela, the cattle, the dividivi etc, they obtain the money to survive and to pay debts and of course leading to the different histories of love that will begin to be woven to the interior of the house.
Family relations, delirious situations, candidates with own stories and a house that more than with queens seems filled with lunatics; they are all part of the ingredients of this novelized comedy for all ages. With the characters from Chepe Fortuna, the soap opera with the highest rating in 2011 in Colombia and with the same coastal boldness, House of Queens promises to crown to all the audience with romance and a lot of humor.