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While are you sleep, somewhere in the large cities a handful of youngsters with no chance of an education or a job, face a dilemma that sooner or later may affect you: to join a gang or die. Such is the case of Ricardo Castro, a kid whose dreams of becoming somebody important in life are cut short when he becomes involved in a drug scene that will have a tragic influence on his life and his family throughout this series. Ricardo tries to overcome his misfortune be rebelling against everything, even against himself. In no time he goes from being at the top of his class in school to becoming the worst delinquent in his gang. But Ricardo is not alone.
GANGS: WAR AND PEACE presents the drama of juvenile delinquents, their loves, their pain, their problems, their intelligence, their good and their evil. We see at close range the lifes of many people: the girl who is sexually abused; the young fellow who tries to kick the drug habit; the pedlar of dreams; the girl whose hopes of going to the altar a virgin are shattered when she is attacked by a gangs.
Several of the roles in the series are played by the victims themselves. Amid this human tragedy, a police officer and a priest will try to avoid the destruction of son many young lives in this struggle in which danger and betrayal are prime factors. Can they do it? GANGS. WAR AND PEACE is a raw trip into the heart of juvenile gangs.
From this series you will get a very real view of one of the most serious problems facing the big Lationamerican urban centers, together with the scars left from ever present insecurity and death. In compliance with television’s social responsibilities to its viewers, the series end on an upbeat note of hope when the gangs disband and hand over their weapons, having understood at last that abilities reach far beyond simply pulling a trigger.