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After Manuel´s death, aka The Lion, leader of the Fist Fight gym, as a consequence of the wounds he got in the Gym´s fire, the young crowd, invaded with great pain but also in love with his memory and his hard work.
make a blood pact to rebuild the place and defend until the last consequences what they´ve dreamed of. Despite of the difficulties they have to face, they move forward with the idea of turning Fist Fight into everybody´s home, where even young kids that have made mistakes can pay their punishments.
In its space, a place where they meet to dream together, they swear to fight to change the reality they´ve had to live in and promise to never lose one of their “buddies” again. But they´re not keeping in mind that what they hate the most about the world they live in: lies, corruption and an environment full of everyday dangers, will put their project in danger, and worst of all, that they can become their own worst enemies.
Only time will tell who is willing to defend it with their hearts and who will forget the legacy that Manuel left them