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Simón Herrante is an eccentric fifty-year-old millionaire who has been investigating paranormal cases for over twenty years. This hobby, which he has had since he was very young, has become an obsession. Simón has not been able to get the idea of someday having an encounter with the other world out of his mind. After almost having given up hope, he achieves it one day, but this had an almost fatal consequence for his life. His wife, who had abandoned him many years before because of what she considered a complete madness by her husband and because she didn’t want to share his obsession of wanting to set up a laboratory as a means of communication with the paranormal, had decided to leave him with their small children.

The eagerly awaited day of his encounter finally arrives. Simón, in a moment of carelessness, takes his two children with him and Santiago, his eldest son, disappears in strange and inexplicable circumstances. From there on out, he is left alone with his daughter Valeria, who, without anybody knowing it and only her father suspecting it, acquires a special skill which she develops throughout the series, as a result of that same event. Valeria, among others, has premonitions regarding persons who need her help in cases that, for normal people, are strange, or are simply matters of fate.

Faced with these consequences, Simón decides not to rest until he has recovered his son from the hands of the unknown. From there on out, he intensifies his work in the laboratory and his daughter grows and becomes a woman, always regretting the loss of her brother. Believing now that the solution is not in his laboratory but rather with other people, since he is convinced that there must be someone in the world to whom the same thing or something similar has happened to and can help him, Simón decides to create an office for the research of paranormal cases, where he will meet a scared young man, David, whose girlfriend knows exactly when, how and where she will die.

This is how the first case and first chapter of the series begins, which shall tell the life of this man who is keen on the paranormal in the search for his lost son. Moreover, his daughter’s strange abilities, which acquire increasing strength to aid people who have unresolved cases and cannot intervene in them as a result of their condition as mortals, are intertwined. Furthermore, in this chapter you will meet David, a man who does not believe in these events, but who, upon having experienced his girlfriend’s strange death, decides to work together with them in their office of paranormal matters, and in this way see how, little by little, his skepticism of these matters gradually disappears as a result of the experiences lived in the course of this story and finding love with his work colleague. This is how the group of Simón, Valeria and David will transport us through the world of the unexplainable and show us what will happen tomorrow.