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Elite Commando

ELITE COMMANDO (Comando Élite) is a series of “Historical Fiction” inspired on the book “Objetivo 4” written by renowned author German Castro Caycedo and based on other investigations that narrates the courageous dedication to service and human talent of the police force that manage to surrender powerful criminals who seem invincible. COLONEL SARAVIA – Chief of Intelligence and Special Operations of the Secret Police – he is in charge of leading this commando, made up of the most exclusive group of analysts, jungle men and secret agents. When he loses his son in a terrorists attack executed by the Colombian guerrilla, Saravia will do everything possible to save his marriage, while he must risk everything to capture the country's most powerful criminals. To find each one of these criminals, Saravia has a specialized team of analysts that process data from informants, media and undercover agents.The risk of the undercover agents who have separated from their loved ones to infiltrate guerrilla camps, paramilitary units and criminal gangs under the most amazing figures. Each one of them will play a different role depending on each mission. They become guerrillas, peasants, models and even witches, all with the sole aim of penetrating the armor of each criminal organization. In the middle of that, police officers fall in love with wrong people, they have to overcome their biggest fears and forget who they are to avoid be discovered. The latest technology and cleverness of the Secret Police, coordination with the National Army, converge in this police series to capture the most dangerous criminals of our time: MARTIN SOMBRA, “The FARC warden” famous for keeping political hostages as prisoners; THE TWINS, who managed a criminal band and trafficked with drugs; EL PAISA, head of the FARC that extorts and cultivates terror in Antioquia, directly responsible for the kidnapping and homicide of Antioquia’s governor Guillermo Gaviria and nine more hostages; DON MARIO, leader of the most armed criminal band, accountable for huge international drug trafficking operations; as well as other important national security cases like: “MONO JOJOY”, “CUCHILLO”, and the guns trafficker aka “EL ARMERO”. Episode by episode, the spectacular stories behind the capture of the most powerful delinquents take place, as they escape and commit crime through Colombian geography. Satellite locations, electronic devices, criminal psychology, chases, and unbelievable hideouts, will make each Objective a thrilling mission filled with vertigo.