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Pedro Pablo Leon Jaramillo is The Lord; a drug-trafficker that remained 25 years in the anonymity, but five years ago Eliecer Manchola a journalist brought him out in the open before the world to see who the largest drug-trafficker of all times was; the man who exported the largest amount of drugs and who had accumulated the largest wealth. The Lord; achieved his fortune together with his associate Aristobulo Vanegas, with whom he managed to remain in hiding thanks to Almeida, his front man, the man who always showed up during the course and actions of all their drug and the illicit business. Out in the open and vulnerable The Lord decides to be avenged of his informer; he orders three death hires on his squealer and immediately goes into hiding together with his life time buddy.

During this traumatic period of his life, The Lord decides to build himself a hiding bunker where he could be completely protected from the pursuit of the authorities and would also act as a safety deposit place for him to keep the world’s largest cash fortune: 20 billion dollars.

Marcela Liévano, Manchola’s girlfriend, decides to avenge her fiancées death and initiates her personal plan to get near Pedro Pablo Leon Jaramillo. To achieve her plans she submits herself to plastic surgery that will change her appearance and attract his attention. Marcela then publicly declares her interest in interviewing him. What Marcela cannot imagine or expect is that what had started with a profound feeling of hatred will quickly evolve to her loving the man who has hurt her the most! She will accompany him within the bunker, in his flights and in his tricks when deceiving the government and during journey she will meet Isabel Cristina, The Lords’ faithful wife; that cannot forgive her husband’s betrayal and though she loves him more than her life she is not willing to allow him to be happy with any other woman.

Moments after a heated argument with her husband, Isabel Cristina receives a phone call from one of Pedro Pablo’s informants. She anxiously looks for him throughout the house to hand him the phone which will bring to him the bad news but it is her who will be jolted by pain when she finds her husband in bed with his mistress Marcela Lievano, a well known journalist. Isabel Cristina falls apart; not even in her worst nighmares would she ever imagine this, and much less within her own house! But she has no time to feel the pain, to argue because the call that Pedro Pablo receives immediately alerts him of a nearby pursuit on him, he barely has minutes to flee. The Lord takes with him to his secret bunker his security people, his brother, his mistress, and his wife. No one with the exception of himself and his brother Nacho know this place’s existence. Isabel Cristina refuses to go with him, especially when she is told that both her and his mistress would be in this place at the same time. Pedro Pablo who is used to getting his way knocks her out and has her carried unconcious.

On her side Julieta and Juan Carlos The Lords children who by choice use a different surname that The Lord, remain on their toes waiting on his father’s possible capture. Julieta is well informed of all the details, of every step the national army is taking since by life’s coincidences her boyfriend is the son to the country’s ministry of defense – though no one is aware of this machiavelic fact. It is this way that Juan Carlos finds about the place and plan organized against his father and decides its his duty to go and warn him. All these steps by both children will have to be done from their undercover alias since no one is aware of their true identities.

While the army’s helicopters using their best men draw near The Lord asks his men as well as his mistress to get rid of their cell phones since they will be going to a place where no cell phones are allowed – having a cell phone will make them an easy prey to the army’s hunting devices. No one hesitates and obeys. When they reach their hiding place they are able to watch the house from the surveillance monitors that were previously installed in strategic places where no one will notice them. Filled with joy they are about to celebrate their successful escape when a cell phone rings. The Lords life reaches a climax and shifts, moving in slow motion he screams at both his women and his trusting security men that they are all dead!

The Lord and all those with him will suffer a jolt and shift to their lives. Isabel Cristina will start to uncover the most abhorring facts on their lives which her husband had managed to hide from her for the past 30 years. Julieta and Juan Carlos will suffer the consequences of being the children to The Drug Lord. Marcela in turn will have to face her true feelings and emotions. The Lords fear of ever being imprisoned will make him loose perspective and will act in desperation putting his family in risk. Desperate to find who it was who had betrayed him he will make careless mistakes which will drive him down a death cliff.