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El Capo is determined to end the business that gave him money and power in the past, so he writes with Terry, the OPACproject. The project has the goal of distributing drugs for free around the main cities of the world. Bruna and Tato, his faithful lieutenants who have been free for the last 3 years, start carrying out a plan to get el Capo out of jail, in which new allies come along: Pitre and Kyara. Kyara filters Asimov, the leader of the Russian mafia in New York, in order to obtain benefits for El Capo and OPAC; even though she is doing it for money, when she meets Leon Jaramillo, she will join his team for love. Kyara will become one more of El Capo´s women and even though she would like to be the only one, she will have to understand that El Capo will always love just one woman: Isabel Cristina.  El Capo´s prison break involves Steven Brandon, Director of the DEA and Colonel Velandia, who agree to get Leon Jaramillo out of jail in order to help rescue Brandon´s kidnapped family. With El Capo on the streets of New York, OPAC begins and the machinery to find the drugs that will be given out is moved; this is how they will soon be facing Asimov and Bad Boy, Pacifico Blanco´s step son. However, not everything is a fight for El Capo because his freedom is his opportunity to see his family and conquer Bruna´s heart again, even though the later isn´t possible because she is in a relationship with Colonel Velandia. This is a relationship that doesn´t make Bruna happy because she still loves El Capo; however, she won´t be able to get him back because she will discover she is pregnant when she tries to. During the first stage of OPAC, El Capo captures the attention of the media and of his new enemy, Jacob Bauman, the leader of the “Great Invisible Hand”, a secret organization dedicated to laundering money from businesses such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and contraband. Jacob founded Eurostar Bank for this purpose but El Capo makes his business unstable with OPAC. During the second phase of OPAC, El Capo convinces Bad Boy to join his team; he accepts not only for conviction but also for the hope of conquering the woman he has always loved. With a strong team, El Capo decides to promote OPAC in other cities. The team is divided. Bad Boy, Terry and two former DEA agents, Richard and Uno travel to Mexico City looking for alliances for the OPAC; in the meantime, Leon Jaramillo, Tato, Kyara and Pitre travel to Bogota with the same goal. At this point, El Capo will be surprised when his daughter Julieta joins the OPAC and she will end up falling in love with Pitre. On the other hand, Jacob sends Silvio, his best man, to stop the OPAC in Mexico and Colombia, but El Capo receives him with a trap and kills him. In the final phase, El Capo begins his trip to Europe in a ship he has turned into a cocaine laboratory, but he will run into two FBI agents who have intercepted him to stop the OPAC. On the other hand, Jacob is able to find as Silvio´s successor, the former right hand of Colonel Velandia, Almeida, and who in order to fence El Capo, kidnaps his grandson. Julieta is determined to find her son and filters Jacob in the Vatican while her father arrives on the ship to help her out. In an apotheosis ending, El Capo meets face to face the most powerful criminal in the world. A confrontation where only one of them can survive, but the cards are on the table and Jacob has lost, not only money, but his credibility in society and is about to go to jail while Leon Jaramillo is protected by the DEA and has the chance of starting a new life with Isabel Cristina, Julieta and his grandson, with new identities and new dreams.