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After the great success of Yo Soy Betty la Fea, RCN Television brings that hit back to us ECOMODA, this time in series format (26 one-hour episodes during the first season).
The series, written by Fernando Gaitan (Scriptwriter for “Café con aroma de mujer” and “Yo Soy Betty la Fea”), and will have the same talented cast as the marvellous soap opera.
A year has elapsed, and Betty And Armando’s friends and co-workers reappear in order to define their lives. From now on, Ecomoda is the place where these characters will have to face the routine of their everyday lives. Romance, tragedy, new encounters, and power struggles will take hold in the firm. Due to the economic recession that it must internationalise, invest in foreign capital, and obtain new revenues through strategic partnerships, even if this implies radical changes. All of these winds of change will necessarily generate a new way of life. With the appearance of Mario Calderón, a man hated by some and forgotten by his best friend, Armando, Betty feels that her life and her privacy are jeopardized. And rightly so, since Mario brings with him three characters who will gradually win the affection or hatred of Ecomoda’s employees.
One of these people is Gabriela Garza, a Mexican woman who is highly influential in the fashion world. From the moment of her arrival, she revives in Betty the memory of all the women who were emotionally involved whit Armando in the past. Betty fears that the man who swore loyalty, faithfulness, and eternal love to her may forget that he has an established household and a full life, and return to his womanising habits. Betty is not altogether wrong. Gabriela will burts into her life and that of the others, but she will not focus her attention on Armando as an attractive and interesting man-at least not at first. Rather, she will focus on Ecomoda, a firm which will give her a lot of satisfaction as well as financial gains. In the process, she will have to adjust to the working styles of the employees and partners. The latter will live in constant fear of this woman’s taking control of the company, while, at the same time, introducing radical changes and, very probably, restructuring the staff.
Gabriela, however, is not alone; a whirlwind arrives with her: Kenneth Johnson, an American fashion specialist, who will control the fate of “The witches headquarters”. These unattractive women whose work performance is deficient, who gossip all the time, who do not respect work schedules, who always have financial and emotional problems, whose problems take priority above all else, and who are forever scheming, prying into their bosses lives, and getting into trouble, will have to endure the torture of their new boss.
Another key figure in this “changeover” is Natasha Gutierrez, an executive secretary with a lot of class and devious intentions. This charming woman will be the center of attraction for Ecomoda’s male population. She is sweet, youthful, bilingual, captivating, and mean, and she will developed these traits depending on her interests. This, of course, will upset the peace that, up to a certain point, reigns in Ecomoda.

The comical side of the characters and the diversity of their surrounding world will be evident since the first episode. The succession of entertaining and pleasant situations that arise from then on, and with which the viewing audience will identify, will surely make this an extremely attractive program.