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It´s the end of World War Two. The world is celebrating the trials at Nuremberg and mourning Manolete´s death. In Argentina, Evita becomes the queen of The Shirtless Men and in Colombia, Jorge Eliecer Gaitan proves his convening power in the Torch March.
In this scenario, a maid is knocking on the doors of the manorial houses and of the Bogota Courts, searching for justice. She accuses Buenaventura Nepomuceno Matallana, a rich lawyer, as responsible for the disappearance of her boss. Nobody believes her.
Merceditas Ramos, the maid, hands her scarce evidence to the most famous journalist at the time, Felix Gonzalez Robledo, famous for his police chronicles. Gonzalez Robledo joins forces with an experienced investigator, Benito Capote, and they begin to study the millionaire´s - Matallana´s- actions.
Very soon Merceditas and the investigators will find themselves buried in indications… not of a murder, or two, or ten… there´s tens of disappeared people. They´re not facing a common murderer: they´re facing a serial killer.
The prestigious Matallana goes to jail thanks to the three investigators and his name becomes an alias: “Doctor Mata”. The man swears revenge against Merceditas… and the murder of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan brings him the opportunity to get it. The Bogotazo opens the doors of every jail and Mata is running freely on the streets on fire looking for Merceditas.