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Behind a classified ad there is story to tell, there are strange, curious, fun, and surprising ads. “Classified Ad stories” is a series with a touch of humor and charm that reveals every day drama that happens to people next door, but must of all people who have been forced to place a classified ad to solve their economic, sentimental, labor, or family problems.

There are different types of stories based on the variety of ads that you will find in a tabloid or a national newspaper such as family conflicts, couple problems, job searching, beauty obsession, love search, bankruptcy, legal problems, or ads offering a magic solution for your problems, among others. In “Classified Ad stories” you will see how the characters sell their feelings and how they are renting, buying, and exchanging their happiness on each story.

During an initial sequence of two minutes the plot of the story and leading roles are presented, followed by a still screen of the classified ad which leads you to what the episode will be all about. The plot is developed in a classic structure of two twist points and a climax point, ending into a new classified ad as a conclusion in which the consequences of the story are shown.