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The Butterfly

The butterfly is Alicia Benitez, a business woman in charge of managing drug money that comes from the product of drug dealers between the United States and Colombia. Manuel Martínez is a D4 agent who has spent several months working in an undercover operation to catch the butterfly. In the quest to pursue their goals both of them meet each other where feelings of love arise, full of obstacles and difficulties knowing that they are in opposite sides. Martínez has designed a plan that infiltrates him in the organization to catch "The Butterfly." He comes to Alicia’s life because of Rachel, an undercover agent who poses as a prostitute in Miami and who has become in Ovalle’s love who as the same time is the right hand of "The Butterfly." Alicia is dedicated to learn more about Amaury (Martínez), since she wants to know about his partners and the type of business he runs. Amaury, who is in the role of president in a mutual fund company, manages himself to be involved in the work of Alice and not only is earning her trust, but also her affection. Alicia seduced by the charms of Martínez, begins to contemplate the possibility of falling in love with him because her marriage is a disaster, and she doesn’t want to refuse to love. On the other hand, the agent begins to fall for her by discovering the woman behind "The Butterfly" understanding her choice for crime as choice of life. Alicia and Martínez fall in love and he can’t help covering her up. This brings disastrous consequences for the careers of Manuel and the business of "Butterfly." But now they have a common goal: to be together