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Azucar is the saga of the Solaz family. The story begins when the patriarch Manuel Maria de Solaz, who is in love with black woman Sixta, leaves her pregnant. The wound caused by this reality, leads, Matilde de Solaz, to expel Sixta of their property, even giving birth recently. Sixta in profound pain due to her exile and the fact that Manuel Maria took away her new born baby, curses the entire Solaz family lineage, auguring that all women that would carry inside her belly a Solaz baby was destined to die giving birth to the child, and announces that the curse will only stop when “What is now separated will unite again”. Form this moment on and for three more generations, the curse will take its course and it will be when Ignacio and Mariana, in the last generation, who in their fight for true love, reunite black and white races again, which Matilde will divide  the day Maximiliano  is born. The history takes place inside the universe of sugarcane plantations, where white race landowners live together with black race workmen, and all their lives seem to be affected by the occurrence of events that seem to confirm the power of the course of Sixta over Manuel Maria Solaz's family.