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Armored Hearts

Justice is their only objective. Death is part of their duty. Only love is able to scare them. Raul Avila decides to become a police officer after witnessing his father’s death, a respected sergeant, and decides to catch his murderer. Raul graduates with honors as second lieutenant and is assigned to be in charge of one of the most difficult areas of Bogotá. On his first day of work he faces the real dangers of his profession: Gongo, his father’s murderer, escapes from jail while he tries to save the life of noncommissioned officer Diana Ochoa, his partner, who has been kidnapped in order to distract the police while the convict runs freely. Raul, in a risky and rookie move, hits Diana’s kidnapper with a well-aimed shot, but this action places the officer at evident risk and she reproaches his lack of judgment. She, with a lower rank but much more experience, resents that he has made evident one of her biggest secrets: her severe panic attacks. These episodes of fear are what’s left from the trauma that she suffered six years back when she confronted the guerrilla and witnessed the death of many of her partners and kidnapping of so many others, among them Vicente Yañez, her boyfriend. After struggling for hours, Diana was the only survivor, and few days later she discovered she was pregnant. The time has passed and Diana is now a single mother that patrols the streets, while at her house, her mother and her little daughter think that her job is safe and she’s working behind a desk at the Police Station. The evident conflicts between Raul and Diana start being solved as she finds the support and affection that she has been lacking of since Vicente was kidnapped and she decided to put her feelings on hold. On his part, with Diana’s help, rookie Raul tries to capture Gongo again and with every hard step of his learning process he starts becoming a professional. In a constant job that makes them even closer, Raul and Diana are able to determine that the most dangerous criminal actions in the city are originated in the sophisticated criminal structure leaded by Gongo. The investigation takes Raul to discover that his true enemy is that who says is his best friend: Neme Solipa. This motorcycle mechanic grew up with Raul as his brother, but is really Gongo’s accomplice of robbery, extortion, and murder criminal network leaded by him. He is also Marcela’s boyfriend, the women that broke Raul’s heart during his youth. Solipa loves her crazy, but Marcela’s heart keeps being Raul’s, and Solipa could not forgive them. Life takes a new path when it is known that Vicente has escaped from the guerrilla. There is fear that he has not been able to survive to the dangers of the jungle, and finally, after four months without news, Vicente is considered dead. In this way, and after six years of solitude and sadness, Diana ends her grief and let’s her feelings for Raul go loose. However, destiny has a difficult surprise in store: Vicente is alive and is rescued in a Police operation to return to everyone’s life.