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ARMANDO (28 years old), and LIZZETH (25 years old): They love each other, they are rich, she is beautiful, and he is a very powerful man. Regardless of how great their lives may seem they are fugitives from the law who while running try to pinpoint the moment in time when the fairytale became a living nightmare.
ARMANDO remembers his childhood growing up poor at the marketplace and having people considering him and his family less than miserable and how he at this time promised himself that he would become the wealthiest man in the country. In turn, LIZZETH remembers when she dreamed of becoming Miss Colombia, of being a renowned model, of being rich and famous. Both of them had dreams of becoming wealthy and being powerful and of neighboring and relating to the highest members of national society.

ARMANDO, full of dreams and hopes wishing a new beginning in his life travelled to a remote region. The stakes he had placed for himself were not only the highest, but also unreachable if you consider he did not have any economic means what so ever. ARMANDO was only filled with an unstoppable drive to work and be successful. It is this drive that gives rise to ARMANDO’s formula to ban poverty forever! LIZZETH stood by him; supported him, far beyond what she should have.

ARMANDO and LIZZETH find themselves returning to the marketplace of his childhood days and from here they find the way of fulfilling the dream of many. They leave poverty behind, moving from rags to riches, from hunger to excess; a success story you may think, but the price they paid for it was extremely high.

ARMANDO’s marvelous formula to eradicate poverty and put an end to hunger was successful not only in making them rich but it also gave thousands of people hope of becoming rich as well leaving behind years of endless poverty.

From a humble company created within the local marketplace ARMANDO established an enormous corporation that won over cities, thousands of hearts, and getting into the most select and privileged circles, offering the illusion of rapidly becoming rich and offering great profits for investors.

LIZZETH would fulfill her childhood fantasies thanks to the millionaire sums earned by her husband. The nearly-adolescent millionaires tried to buy as many things as they could. They established all sorts of companies, supermarkets, modeling agencies, companies which transport valuables nationally, and movie and television production companies. As the miraculous formula rendered its profits, the ambition of the living couple grew exponentially. They were not satisfied with luxury and money; they also wanted to buy power.

Such a young, prosperous, wealthy couple would easily give rise to suspicions and envy. It is in view of such ostentation and squanders that Major LUIS LEAL; an honest, incorruptible policeman comes into our story. Mayor Leal is in charge of leading and organizing the investigation which must find the source of the income which has made ARMANDO and LIZZETH one of the wealthiest couples in the country.

If poverty brings along numerous complications, so does wealth, much more so if behind that colossal fortune lays the possibility of a serious offense.

This is a story of a young couple of dreamers who pursue their ambitions of fortune and of a member within the law who will unmask them. A story about the dreams and aspirations of any person; Colombian or not; a story of progress, of success, of fulfilled dreams; of ambition and greed... A story of how you may strive to reach to the top of the pyramid and how you may fall down drastically, dramatically, loosing it all…!!!